supports for your advertisement.

At Mínima we like to make the most of each medium. We version creative concepts or advertising concepts according to the medium in order to improve the impact and gain dynamism within the same campaign.

Advertising media aligned to the campaign strategy


Posters for own supports, posters for a network of premises… The poster is a communicative element which can


We work on the billboards by selecting optimal circuits and locations and completing them with a surprising visual and textual translation.


A billboard is capable of encapsulating a key message in 5 words. Optimising the space, designing a realistic text, inviting people to raise their heads… A space of 8×3 metres deserves a display of intentions and creativity.

Large Format.

Large format offers great possibilities. A good execution translates into a space that is well used, where expenditure translates into investment.


The backs and sides of buses are one of the most memorable outdoor supports. We create pieces that travel around cities and islands and are proudly displayed in front of the public.


At Mínima we conceive banners to obtain conversion. Depending on the size and location, we reduce or enlarge the content to achieve the objective, the click.


A merchandising item is transformed into a creative piece with the application of a concept. At Mínima we can transform any medium into a true brand experience.

A good concept is so flexible that it is able to shine in any medium

At Mínima we want to accompany and advise you in the launch of your advertising campaign so that it reaches the maximum diffusion and engagement. Let’s start talking about media, media plans, concepts, etc.

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