We design your company’s brand image

Branding or brand identity is one of the most powerful tools to position your company in the market and connect with your audiences. If your product or service is extraordinary, why present it with an obsolete or incoherent image?

Enhancing your brand through branding

what do you need to carry out your project?


Marketing consultancy
Market research
Strategic marketing plan


Corporate Copy
Corporate Support
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Conceptualisation of spaces
Interior design projects
Ephemeral architecture

A branding strategy will help you rearrange all the aspects that make up your brand, from corporate philosophy and values to verbal translation, naming, or visuals.

A coordinated branding system aligned with the company’s objectives allows you to get the most out of every medium, from social media, to the web, to any expression of graphic design.

At Mínima we are many things, but we are especially realistic, that’s why we like to build brands that are what they show, that show in every medium, starting with the web and reaching the detail of their email signatures, their deepest self.

Align your company’s objectives with your branding strategy

Brands built from technical criteria and seasoned with the power of aesthetics

Our branding processes are designed so that brands transcend the offline environment and shine in the online environment, which is why we generate them based on technical criteria.

We’re not going to lie to you, we also want our work to be aesthetically powerful, but to borrow from Italian tyres, we can affirm that beauty without control is useless.

The creation of functional brands requires a strategic definition, the establishment of objectives, tone and style, and the analysis of the competition to generate solutions capable of competing at the highest level.

The brands that you adore, that you feel are yours, have been created from the strategy to connect with you, with your profile. Your clients and your project deserve the same dedication.

At Mínima we are fully aware that visual versatility is essential to improve engagement.

We do not seek to impress our customers, we prefer to keep our customers’ customers.

In our portfolio you will find friendly, contemporary, timeless, geometric, manual, gestural brands… Our creativity and graphic design is modulated according to the target.

Your brand must speak the language of those who buy and consume it

We work with every expression of the brand

The naming, the logo, physical supports, corporate websites, digital supports, corporate texts… we work with all the expressions of your brand to generate an identity that represents you.

Take a moment to look your brand in the eye, ask yourself what it is, who it speaks to and how. If you consider that your corporate, product or service identity has room for improvement or has become obsolete, it is the perfect time for us to talk.


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Shall we talk about it?

If you have a project in its early stages, where the discourse is yet to be defined but the sights are high, call us and we will build a brand without limits, conceived under the highest standards.

Turn your brand into your company’s main asset, let’s talk!