digital advertising.

At Mínima we cover the entire range of digital paid media. Whatever you need.

We create the paid media strategy to achieve your conversion goals.


As a Google Premier Partner we put our knowledge at your service for the best search engine management. We activate campaigns oriented to Google searches, so that your company is an option to be valued by the client.

Social Ads.

We optimise your investment in different social networks to improve your return on investment. We design results-oriented advertising campaigns in social environments.

RTB & Programmatic.

Beyond buying space or banners, our goal is to reach and be relevant to audiences. We optimise your results with the greatest transparency through advertising space. We work with the 4 leading DSPs in the market, as well as DMPs.


We have a wide network of digital media for the creation of advertising campaigns that improve your viewability data. We use high-impact formats, with results depending on your objectives.

Marketplace & Retail Ads.

We boost the profitability of your business, managing your entry strategy in the leading marketplaces; in addition to offering a comprehensive advertising campaign service depending on the selected digital point of sale.


We have specific technology for affiliate management. Negotiation and direct access to affiliates without intermediaries.

Media Off.

We develop traditional media campaigns to reach the ideal target: TV, Radio, Press, and Outdoor. We combine the analysis of offline results with our experience in digital coverage, using econometric models that measure profitability.

Analytics & CRO.

We analyse and interpret the impact of your brand through data integration. We work with dynamic reports that provide our advertisers with the origin of the advertising and organic impact.

We work with every expression of the brand

The naming, the logo, physical supports, corporate websites, digital supports, corporate texts… we work with all the expressions of your brand to generate an identity that represents you.

Take a moment to look your brand in the eye, ask yourself what it is, who it speaks to and how. If you consider that your corporate, product or service identity has room for improvement or has become obsolete, it is the perfect time for us to talk.

Shall we talk about it?

Let’s talk about your digital marketing strategy, your corporate image on the internet and the user experience you offer.