strategic advertising.

At Mínima we develop advertising strategies that minimise expenditure and maximise results. We analyse the target audience, define channels, messages, tone, style… We align all the variables to obtain the best possible results.

We generate the ideal advertising strategy for your brand or product.

Creative concept.

Without a concept a campaign will hardly be memorable. At Mínima we define concepts that differentiate you from the competition. We conquer terms and ideas that will become yours exclusively.


Synthetic, direct, striking… A slogan is a declaration of intent. Your brand deserves a textual translation that matches its characteristics. Less with more, an exercise in creative and functional synthesis.

Media Plan.

Offline media plan, online media plan, national, local and international media plans. Whatever the size of your campaign, we have a network capable of coordinating successful international campaigns.

The strategy brings you closer to your target audience, defines KPIs and helps you stay on track

To launch a campaign without a strategy is to launch an impulse, an instinct that is not based on reflection but on the spark it awakens in the management team. The big problem is that the decision-maker does not usually buy. Activate the strategy to make decisions aimed at fulfilling the desires of those who buy from you.

strategic advertising

Advertising Creativity, Audiovisual, Motion Graphic
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