At Mínima we like to dress successful products, that’s why we propose markings, labelling and packaging to stand out on the shelves.

If the content is good, the packaging must be up to the task. When a product is displayed on a shelf it stands alone, it is not accompanied by a recommendation, a justification or an explanation of its benefits.

Your product image as a brand ambassador


Do you work with pre-existing products? Do you work with models and patterns in which you do not carry out the complete manufacturing? At Mínima we help you to brand the product by personalising it and differentiating it with different forms of marking.


Good labelling must be informative, creative and memorable. At Mínima we apply a strategic design to meet each point while maintaining the discourse within the corporate branding.


We comprehensively design the packaging of your product so that you have a unique piece that enhances the value of what you are selling.


Corners, displays, PLV… we personalise sales spaces so that your product increases its sales possibilities.

We design an effective and memorable product image

The naming, the logo, physical supports, corporate websites, digital supports, corporate texts… we work with all the expressions of your brand to generate an identity that represents you.

Take a moment to look your brand in the eye, ask yourself what it is, who it speaks to and how. If you consider that your corporate, product or service identity has room for improvement or has become obsolete, it is the perfect time for us to talk.

product image
Shall we talk about it?

If you have a project in its early stages, where the discourse is yet to be defined but the sights are high, call us and we will build a brand without limits, conceived under the highest standards.

Turn your brand into your company’s main asset, let’s talk!