If you are looking for a studio or agency that offers editorial design services, in Mínima you will find a provider with experience, skill and passion.

Layout design for both physical and digital media has been a constant throughout our trajectory. At Mínima we are committed to an editorial design where texts, concepts and photographs are the protagonists. We create layouts that enhance the content, that value creativity and authorship and that offer the reader a dynamic experience.

Professional editorial design to match your project


During our more than 20 years of experience, we have designed gastronomic magazines, magazines linked to the world of golf, magazines linked to festivals or cultural initiatives…

We understand deadlines, printing formats, inks… We have enough experience to work as an agile and efficient supplier, helping you to get your issues or editions out.


Stories, novels, yearbooks… a book can have thousands of formats. Your project will be studied and approached with care. From the creation of the cover to the interior layout, including the choice of paper and the development of a digital version that invites reading.


Service catalogues, product catalogues… whatever the content, and regardless of the volume, we believe in an applied editorial design that facilitates reading and provides differentiation.

At Mínima we are not going to offer you more of the same, we are going to offer you an editorial solution that is functional and memorable.

We adapt to the uniqueness of your project

At Mínima we are ready to take on your publishing project, whether it is a single or numbered publication. Our extensive experience in graphic design and editorial design makes us experts in the most important aspects to take into account in this type of project.

We treat the texts as the drivers of the design, making them speak through the architecture of the support, the layout, illustrations and covers. We know that a great love story begins at the first glance. At Minima we create love at first sight.

editorial design
Shall we talk about it?

If you have a project in its early stages, where the discourse is yet to be defined but the sights are high, call us and we will build a brand without limits, conceived under the highest standards.

Turn your brand into your company’s main asset, let’s talk!