audiovisual production.

Are you looking for an audiovisual production that surprises, that differentiates you, capable of synthesising what defines you? At Mínima we do all that and more. In more than 18 years of experience we have shot commercials, developed motion graphics, created customised videos, advertorials… We also have experience in product, lifestyle and corporate photo shoots… design and layout of product catalogues.

Audiovisual productions designed to meet objectives


In 20 seconds, 30 seconds or however long you want, spots shot with actors, gimmicky spots, emotional, informal style… Flexibility is part of our DNA, so we adapt to any style and tone.

Motion Graphic.

Motion graphics are an ideal resource for explanatory videos, to illustrate complex situations or processes, to provide dynamism or to create impossible scenes. At Mínima we create motion graphics specifically for your project, in a completely personalised way.


Product or service catalogues in reel format, in digital format, in interactive version… You decide how you want to present yourself and we execute it.


Talk about your brand, use an extensive support to present the benefits of your project to your audience, to potential partners or business angels, to society in general. At Mínima we will help you with the creation of the script, recording, editing and post-production of your advertorial.


Product, corporate, lifestyle, space, artistic photo shoots… Whatever kind of shoot you are looking for, at Mínima we have the perfect team to give you the answer.

Words, images and sounds complement each other to add power to your advertising messages

The quality of an audiovisual or photographic production is crucial to the performance of an advertising campaign. Make your advertising and corporate investment profitable with memorable pieces.

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